Used to pop bottles now I wash bottles

The mommy life! I feel like all I do these days is wash bottles, bottles and more bottles. Anyone wish there was a machine that just washes and sterilizes without lifting a finger?? Well, I do! It’s amazing how many feedings one goes through in a day with a newborn.  Sometimes I think to myself maybe I should just buy more bottles to have more available when I needed it, but who am I kidding, I would probably use them all up before washing an sterilizing and then I am back to square one.  hehe. 😀


I have tried several bottles with my little one including Phillips Avent, MAM, Dr. Brown, Nuk and Munchkin Latch.  By far my favorite are the Dr. Brown bottles both original with blue inserts and their new options line with green inserts. I noticed with the Avent bottles and the Munchkin Latch, my little one caused more spills.  The Nuk bottles I probably will like in the future when he gets a little older but right now, the ones I have let too much milk out too quickly. The MAM bottles I happen to like as well. The only issue is that they too cause a little bit of spill but I like the design of the nipples.  I will most likely continue to use the Dr. Brown bottles and definitely recommend them to anyone.  Are there any other bottles you think I should be trying?

Dr. Brown Blue Dr. Brown Green latch MAM NUKavent

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