Mommy & Daddy’s First Night Out (no baby)

Yesterday my husband and myself had our first dinner night without our precious little one.  In turn our little one had his first sitter experience.  At first I was a bit hesitant to leave little one behind because, and I am sure most of you mommy’s feel the same, I cannot imagine being without him for even a second!!


I packed his bag, his toys, bottles and even his vibrating chair (since he is still having colic pretty much every day) and took him over to our sitter.  Our sitter happens to be the mother of a very good friend of ours who has been running her own in home daycare for over 30 years (can you say, what a relief at that fact).  As much as I was comfortable in the fact that she is more than qualified and capable of watching our little one, I could not help but still be nervous. We said our see you later’s, our love you’s and headed out the door. I have to say it was a nice night out. This mommy had her first drink in over 9 months and it was nice to not have to worry about feeding, diapering, spit up, etc.  Do not get me wrong, I felt every bit guilty about leaving him, but I know we are not the first parents or the last parents to do so.


So as it turns out, little one did not have a colic episode last night while with the sitter (coincidence? HA!  I think not. I think Babies save the hard parts for us mommy’s and daddy’s.) Our sitter was very reassuring and sent me pictures of the little one throughout the night so that I can be at peace. This made me feel much better, but I could not wait to get back to him and snuggle him. The little one made mommy and daddy proud. He was the perfect baby. It’s safe to say she will watch him as much as we like (not that it will be often, I missed him too much!).

My baby could not be more perfect in my eyes. 🙂

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