DIY Unicorn Headband

Ever felt wonderfully unique? You are a unicorn in your every way and right? I have the best DIY for you!! Make your own Unicorn headband for you to rock each and every day if you like! This is also great for girls parties, Halloween or just for fun. 🙂 I enjoyed making this and am enjoying even more wearing it! I too am a unicorn!

Things you will need:

Felt (any color you want, I used light blue and white)

String ( any color you want, I used Gold, sparkly sparkly)

Hot Glue Gun

Fake Flowers (any you want, I used purple and pink hydrangeas)

Cotton Filling or Cotton Balls

How To: 

  1. Preheat your glue gun.
  2. Pre-cut patterns out of felt (as shown below in photo) Not pictured you will also need a felt circle the same color as your horn. I cut this after my horn was pretty much done to not waste felt and have the correct size.
  3. Glue your cone shaped pattern into the cone shape, aka your Unicorn Horn.
  4. Using your felt circle, glue it to the bottom of your horn.
  5. Glue your ears; use the smaller pattern and glue it onto the center of the bigger ear pattern.
  6. Pinch the ears at the bottom and glue the bottom of the ears together.
  7. Get your ribbon, glue the top part and wind it around the horn a bit tight to get the unicorn spirals. Glue the end to the bottom of the horn.
  8. Glue your horn to the middle of the headband
  9. Glue your ears to each side of the horn (make sure you space them apart a bit, after all a unicorn is also a horse)
  10. Using your fake flowers glue them around the horn and ears whichever way you like and think is best.
  11. Wear your unicorn horn and ears with PRIDE!

img_2254 img_2253 img_2251 img_2250 img_2271

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