DIY: Glass Vases with Gold-Simple & Chic

Hello Again,

Remember when I said I was going to show you how to decorate a glass vase with gold spray paint? Well here it is. This is a simple DIY that will make a statement at any party, event or home you use them in. The utilization of minimal  supplies and effort makes this a great activity for most ages.  I used my vases for my best friend’s bridal shower (pictured below). Of course you can use this same method with any paint color you prefer.  Just make sure the paint will adhere to the glass.  (In case you are wondering, Sweet Treat Designs based out of Miami, FL created the sweets and treat table you see pictured. Check  them out: on instagram & Facebook Sweet Treat Designs)



-Glass Vase  and/or any Glass you want decorated;

-Masking tape and/or painters tape;

-Gold spray paint (or whatever color you want to use);

-Rubbing Alcohol; and

-an open well ventilated area to paint the vases


  1. Clean Vases with rubbing alcohol and let dry
  2. Using your masking tape and/or painters tape, take the whatever design you want the vases to have (I did vertical and horizontal stripes as pictured)
  3. Once you are done applying your design, in your well ventilated area spray paint vases. Make sure to coat completely and lightly. Should you need it a darker coat or missed areas, it is best to wait until they dry before applying a second coat.
  4. Let them dry!!! I can’t stress this enough!
  5. Once dry, remove tape carefully and VOILA!! You have your masterpiece!

HAPPY DIYing folks!! 🙂

A special thanks again to my dear friend Lauren for introducing me to this great idea! 

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