DIY Hanging Ghosts: Using 4 Materials

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday ever! (and I do mean ever!) There is just something about dressing up in costume and all the fun decor that really gets me.  In the spirit of my love for Halloween, I wanted to share how to make my hanging ghosts using only 4 materials!! Yes, you read right, only 4 materials.  These are very simple and easy to make.  They can even be something to do with the whole family or even an activity for your class if you are a teacher.  I hope you all try it out and be sure to send me photos of the ones you make! Happy DIYing!



  • Old white t-shirt, towel, or other item of clothing (this must be something you do not mind to cut up)
  • Cotton Balls (Jumbo size works best)
  • String or yarn (any color you want, I would use white, black or orange for Halloween)
  • a Black permanent marker (or any marker in any color you wish to use)


  1. First you want to cut squares out of your white material. The squares do not have to be perfect. The more irregular the square the cooler your ghost bottom will look. You want to make sure you cut your square big enough to go around the cotton ball and have enough of a body.
  2. Use your cotton ball and place it on the inside of your white fabric/material as centered as you can.
  3. Using your hands, wrap the material around the cotton ball as this will be your head. You want it as tight as possible so that it is easier to draw your face later.
  4. Once you have your cotton ball head in the position you like, cut your string the length desired for what you want to use the ghosts for whether it is hanging up off the ceiling, tying them on gift bags, etc. Tie the string around the head/neck area.
  5. Then use your marker and draw a face on the ghost head.
  6. Enjoy!



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